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It's Alive! Monsters HD Sweepstakes
Monsters HD logo Monsters HD, the first and only all-monster movie channel in high-definition launches the "It's Alive! Monsters HD Sweepstakes" on Tuesday, June 29. Monsters HD is one of VOOM HD Originals, 21 HD channels available exclusively on VOOM, the first comprehensive high-definition satellite television service which offers over 35 HD channels.

The "It's Alive!"sweepstakes will feature several elements designed to drive traffic to the Monsters HD website where fans of horror, sci-fi and monsters movies can learn more about the spine-chilling programming on Monsters HD and enter to win a grand prize package of: a state-of-the-art HD TV; one year subscription to VOOM satellite television service; and a complete set of limited edition Arkoff Monster figurines. The sweepstakes will run through September 15, 2004. The website to enter the sweepstakes is Arkoff Monster figurines

As the centerpiece of the "It's Alive! Monsters HD Sweepstakes" Monsters HD will distribute online digital Monsters HD trading cards, inspired by the collectible monster card craze of the 1950's and 60's. Depicting some of scariest scenes and classic monsters highlights of all-time, each card will have sound and animation from featured programming on the Monsters HD channel, as well as details and background on the featured scene.

The sweepstakes will be promoted online using banners and links distributed throughout the monster and horror fan online community, and a direct email campaign will target hundreds of thousands of fans actively interested in monsters, horror, sci-fi and high definition programming. All online promotion will direct users back to the new Monsters HD website where they can view sample Monsters HD digital trading cards. The site will prompt visitors to enter their name, email and mailing address in order to enter the Sweepstakes at which point they automatically begin collecting Monsters HD online cards. Arkoff Monster figurines / trading cards

Once registered for the sweepstakes, participants will periodically receive emails alerting them to the availability of new Monsters HD cards. These emails will also feature information about programming and events pertaining to Monsters HD and will direct fans back to the Monsters HD website.

In addition to the randomly selected grand prize winner, five 1st place winners will receive a limited edition set of Arkoff Monster Figurines - 12 inch high figures depicting the Colossal Beast, the She Creature, and the 3-Eyed Mutant and 50 entrants will win a full set of printed collectible Monsters HD cards depicting all the horrific monsters found on the channel.

The "It's Alive! Monsters HD Sweepstakes" was developed in partnership with Sudden Industries of New York.

Monsters HD is part of VOOM's HD Originals, an all-inclusive package of 21 commercial-free channels created by Rainbow Media and available exclusively to subscribers. VOOM's HD Originals also includes: WorldSport HD, international sports in HD; Auction HD, an inside look at exclusive live auctions; unique animation entertainment on Animania HD; artistic masterpieces from around the world on Gallery HD; 24/7 news shot in native HD on HDNews; experimental non-narrative video art on MOOV; the latest pop music concerts on Rave HD; in-your-face action sports on Rush HD; the best in fashion, food and fine living on Ultra HD; and HD Cinema 10, a 10-channel multiplex of uncut, commercial-free movies in HD.

Godzilla vs the Thing War of the Collosal Beast

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