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The term, Small Press, means different things to many folk. It is a difficult definition to put into words. Despite that, we've listed some of those that many feel fit the description. One part of it includes quality production, limited market and personal service. Few involved work at it full-time, rather it is the love of the material and the desire to share it with others that cause them to persevere.
Mark V. Ziesing Books

Slippage, a collection by Harlan Ellison and Back in the USSA, an episodic novel by Kim Newman & Eugene Byrne were the two Ziesing books for 1997. Thus far in 1998, he has done Black Butterflies, a story collection by John Shirley. As Mark will tell you, he enjoys bookselling and publishing as they allow him to offer stuff that he'd enjoy having if he wasn't doing it himself. He hopes some of you share the same sort of oddball inclinations.

Tachyon Publications

Tachyon Publications Tachyon Publications is a small, publisher of science fiction and fantasy located in San Francisco. Their roster includes such contemporary authors as Peter S. Beagle and Jack McDevitt along with classic authors like Clifford D. Simak, Ward Moore and Stanley G. Weinbaum. They have also done some lovely chapbooks by authors as diverse as James Tiptree, Jr., Mary Shelley and Michael Swanwick.

Donald M. Grant, Publisher

Donald M. Grant, Publisher has been producing specialty books in the fantasy genre for over 45 years. Over that period the company has published substantially more than 100 quality titles, placing an emphasis on book design and illustrations. Particular concern is always shown in the use of quality bindings, paper, typography and reproduction of artworks.


NESFA NESFA, the New England Science Fiction Association, is one of the oldest SF clubs in the Northeast US. Their two main activities are their publications (NESFA Press), and their conventions. The upcoming Boskone will be held each February. As well, they have over half a dozen books in production and hope to release most of them over the next 12 months.

Small Press Publishers
The Alchemy Press
ChiZine Publications
Golden Quill Press
Swimming Kangaroo Books
Elder Signs Press
Sofawolf Press
ISFiC Press
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Bohemian Ink
Barron Falls Publishing
Bison Frontiers of Imagination -- The University of Nebraska Press
Dark Regions Press
Immanion Press
Spellbound Bookshop
Seascape Press
Cherry Hill Publishing
Night Shade Books
Futures-Past Classics
Sidecar Preservations Society
Tyrannosaurus Press
Hippocampus Press
Pentegram Komix and Graphix
TriQuest Publishing
Babbage Press
RazorBlade Press
Ash-Tree Press
Legion Press
TTA Press
Black Dragon Press
Meisha Merlin Publishing
Boneyard Press
Ministry of Whimsy
Charnel House
Edgewood Press
EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy / Tesseract Books
Necronomicon Press
Donald M. Grant, Publisher
Stone Dragon Press
Cheap Street Publishers
Bereshith Publishing
Sense of Wonder Press
Small Press Publishers
Anarchy Books
Hasslein Books
MPress Books
Fairwood Press
Gryphonwood Press
Freya Publishing
Changeling Press
Aio Publishing
Diesel eBooks
Scrybe Press
Mundania Press
Old Earth Books
Headpress Online
Flying Dolphin Press
Writers of the Future
Riptide Press
Gauntlet Press
Phantasia Press
Moontress Press
Fedogan & Bremer
Unifont Books
Pigasus Press
American Fantasy
Arkham House
Sarob Press
DarkTales Publications
CD Publications
Gnome Press, Inc.
Mirage Press
Necro Publications
Overlook Connection Press
Transylvania Press
Four Walls - Eight Windows
Dark Highway Press
Anamnesis Press
Subterranean Press
CFD Productions
Deadline Press
Wildside Press
Mark V. Ziesing Books
The Master Page
Mythspinner Press
Galaxy Press

Old Earth Books

Old Earth Books publishes a variety of titles. They are perhaps best known for reprinting The Return of the Lensmen Series by Edward E. Smith. This edition is made up of trade paper facsimiles of the classic Fantasy Press hardcover editions, including the cover art. Volumes 1 & 2 feature an essay by award-winning critic John Clute, with volumes 3-6 featuring a second John Clute essay.

EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing / Tesseract Books

EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing encourages, produces and promotes thought-provoking and well written science fiction and fantasy literature.

Tesseract Books is best known for their Tesseracts series of anthologies which feature new and reprinted Canadian science fiction and fantasy. They have done more than a dozen volumes along with Tesseracts Q, a collection of fiction translated from French.

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