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Xena: Warrior Princess
Robert G. Tapert (creator/executive producer), R.J. Stewart and Steven L. Sears (executive producer/writers)

Contest Cast and Characters Episodes 4.01 - 4.11 Episodes 4.12 - 4.22

Episodes 4.01 - 4.11
Xena: Warrior Princess
Xena: Warrior Princess
Xena: Warrior Princess
Xena: Warrior Princess
Xena: Warrior Princess
Xena: Warrior Princess
Xena: Warrior Princess

4.01 - Adventures In The Sin Trade, Part 1
After Gabrielle sacrificed herself to stop Hope, a grief-stricken Xena must travel to the Amazon Land of the Dead to find Gabrielle, and Xena revisits her past with the shaman Alti, along the way.
Guest Stars: Kate Elliott (Yakut) Victoria Pratt (Cyane) Claire Stansfield (Alti) Marton Csokas (Borias)

4.02 - Adventures In The Sin Trade, Part 2
At the Amazon Place of Rest, Xena must battle the evil shaman Alti and free the spirits of the dead Amazons from her past, before she can continue on to find Gabrielle.
Guest Stars: Kate Elliott (Yakut) Victoria Pratt (Cyane) Claire Stansfield (Alti)

4.03 - A Family Affair
Heeding her vision, Xena travels to Gabrielle's home town, where she's reunited with her presumed-dead friend (Renee O'Connor). Or is she?
Guest Stars: Ted Raimi (Joxer), Willa O'Neill (Lila), Geoff Snell (Herodotus), Lisa Crittenden (Hecuba).

4.04 - In Sickness and In Hell
Itching and scratching, Xena (who has lice) and Gabrielle (who has a fungus and a variety of other ailments) take on marauding Scythians who have captured Xena's horse Argo.
Guest Stars: Ted Raimi (Joxer), Timothy Lee (Acestus), Campbell Cooley (Euraylus), Andrew Kovacevich (Innkeeper).

4.05 - A Good Day
Rome's civil war between Caesar (Karl Urban) and Pompey (Jeremy Callaghan) has spilled over into Greece, and Xena is afraid the two armies will bleed the country dry.
Guest Stars: Caleb Ross (Temecula) Karl Urban (Julius Caesar) Jeremy Callaghan (Pompey) Darren Young (Brutus) Stephen Lovatt (Phlanagus) Tyler Read (Deirimus)

4.06 - A Tale Of Two Muses
Gabrielle's friend Tara (Shiri Appleby) is arrested for dancing in a town run by a puritanical magistrate (John Givens).
Guest Stars: Bruce Campbell (Autolycus) Shiri Appleby (Tara) John Givens (Istafan) Campbell Cooley (Licinus)
Director: Michael Hurst

4.07 - Locked Up and Tied Down
Xena is arrested -- and stands trial willingly -- for a murder committed when she was evil. "There's no defense for what I did," she tells Gabrielle.
Guest Stars: Katrina Browne (Thalassa) Chris Sherwood (Draxel)

4.08 - Crusader
Xena and Gabrielle meet Najara (Kathryn Morris), a warrior with a beatific glow who has found "the Light." Gabrielle is quite taken with her but Xena has her doubts.
Guest Stars: Roy Snow (Dach) Kathryn Morris (Najara) David Te Rare (Marat)

4.09 - Past Imperfect
While trapped in a village at the mercy of an army led by someone with knowledge of Xena's previous tactics, Xena recalls the time she used the same battle strategy, which is also the time when she gave birth to son, Solan.
Guest Stars: Marton Csokas (Borias) Catherine Boniface (Satrina) Paul Gittins () Mark Ferguson (Dagnine)

4.10 - Key To The Kingdom
Joxer, Meg and Autolycus team up to steal the infamous "key" that's prophecized to lead to the crown of Athena. But the joke is on Autolycus when he learns the key is really a baby and Meg wants to be his mother.
Guest Stars: Craig Parker (King Cleades) Bruce Campbell (Autolycus) Ted Raimi (Joxer) Lucy Lawless (Meg)
Director: Bruce Campbell

4.11 - Daughter of Pomira
Xena and Gabrielle set out to recover a young girl who was kidnapped six years ago by the Horde, but they don't count on the fact that the child has been raised as one of the Horde and doesn't want to leave the only family she knows.
Guest Stars: Watchman Rivers (Clrvik) Andrew Kovacevich (Garth) Bruce Hopkins (Rahl) Rakai Karaitiana (Horde Warrior) Beth Allen (Vanessa/Pilee) Bob Johnson (Lieutenant) Craig Ancell () Frederick Bedford (Villager) Mandy McMullin ()

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Contest Cast and Characters Episodes 4.01 - 4.11 Episodes 4.12 - 4.22

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