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October/November 1999
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Coming Attractions

The temptation to blare "You ain't seen nothin' yet" in this column is great, but of course we hope you have seen somethin' by now. Howsoever, we want you to rest assured that we've got lots of great things planned for days ahead.

The lead story in our December issue is a novella by Eleanor Arnason entitled "The Actors." Set in the same Hwarth world of her recent novels, the story examines gender roles from an unusual perspective.

Also on schedule for December is Steve Rasnic Tem's creepy "Tricks and Treats," a ghastly tour down Halloween Street. We also expect to have Scott Bradfield's "Dazzle Redux" next month, along with columns from Charles de Lint, Kathi Maio, and our new book reviewer James Sallis.

We can predict with great accuracy that in the year 2000 we will bring you stories from Brian W. Aldiss, Ray Bradbury, Orson Scott Card, Amy Sterling Casil, Bradley Denton, Esther Friesner, James Morrow, and Robert Reed, to name but a few in alphabetical order. We'll also be bringing you stories by writers like Susan Palwick, Jeffrey Ford, and the aforementioned Scott Bradfield who are new to our pages. Perhaps some of these writers will ultimately contribute to our centenary anniversary issue; we certainly intend to have fun en route to the answer.

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