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March 2000
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Coming Attractions

Next month our cover story is Bradley Denton's "Bloody Bunnies." The story describes the day Mr. Denton died, which might not sound terribly upbeat, but in fact the story is a thoroughly enjoyable bit of weirdness from the heart of Texas. (Emus are included.)

We'll also have Rick Wilber on the mound with a new baseball story to usher in the 00 season. "In Boise" returns to the year of 1941 to meet a coach whose priorities seem to be a bit askew . . . or are they?

Also on tap is Scott Westerfeld's lovely tale of a young woman coming of age between the stars, "The Movements of Her Eyes." We expect also to have stories next month from M. John Harrison and Ellen Steiber, along with our usual columns on books and films and science (oh my!).

But we do have one bit of bad news to bear: rising costs are requiring us to raise our subscription rates starting with the June issue. Take advantage of our rates now while they're still low.

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