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April 2000
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Coming Attractions

This business of predicting the future is tough. Did you know that in one issue, Anthony Boucher announced that F&SF would be publishing Alfred Bester's novel The Stars My Destination? The book appeared in Galaxy magazine.

As this month's issue goes to press, it looks very likely---but not definite!---that next month's issue will feature an article by Daniel M. Keyes about the genesis of his classic story "Flowers for Algernon." The new TV version of the movie has spurred Mr. Keyes to tell the true history of how he created Charlie Gordon's story, and we're ecstatic to be bringing it to you (along with the original story) . . . but we're just not certain whether it will appear next month. Keep watching this space for details.

We can promise---cross our hearts---to have a new adventure story for you next month from R. Garcia y Robertson. His tale "Bird Herding" returns to the popular milieu of his earlier tale, "A Princess of Helium." By the great Elvis, this story rocks.

Next month we'll also have a new "Plumage from Pegasus" column by Paul Di Filippo and our regular columns. We also promise to bring a new you new stories by Ron Goulart, Ursula K. Le Guin, N. Lee Wood, Robert Reed, and Joyce Carol Oates, among many others. Honest.

Unfortunately, our subscription rates are going up with the June issue, so if you've been thinking about subscribing or renewing, now's a good time to act.

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