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September 2000
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Coming Attractions

It seems like the streamers have scarcely been taken down from last year's anniversary celebration and now we're looking ahead to our fifty-first October issue. Fortunately, we remembered to get those invitations sent out on time. Here are some of the folks who have R.S.V.P.'d for next month's double issue:

Carolyn Ives Gilman, who has been away for much too long, returns with a fascinating story of when the sleeper wakes in "Dreamseed."

Robert Reed wants to take us boating in "The Gulf."

Kate Wilhelm plans to take us hiking in "Earth's Blood."

Ray Bradbury has booked time for us in his time machine, "Quid Pro Quo."

Lewis Shiner, James Morrow, and Alexander C. Irvine also say they'll be coming, as will our columnists Gregory Benford, Michelle West, Charles de Lint, and you never know who else is going to drop by.

If you like to make your reservations well in advance, we can promise you that upcoming issues will have new stories from Albert E. Cowdrey, Nancy Etchemendy, Amy Casil, S. N. Dyer, Jack Dann, and a passel of others. Also (now it can be told), we're planning to revive the single-author special issues---look for one to come in 2001.

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