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December 2000
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Coming Attractions

Next month we immerse ourselves fully in the new century---no more to-ing and fro-ing about how to count the clock. Like it or not, the future is here.

We'll greet the new century with an old friend: the dinosaur. Richard Chwedyk's remarkable cover story, "The Measure of All Things," treats us to an entirely different look at the saurians. It won't make you reconsider the Alvarezes's asteroid impact theory of extinction, but it might change the way you see parts of the world in 2001.

Also on the card for next month is a new tale from Robert Reed. "Crooked Creek" takes us out on the links for a few holes. It also examines the links we have with our pasts, and perhaps suggests a way of filling in some of the holes in our lives . . .

European novelist Andreas Eschbach will also be on hand next month with a short and sharp fantasy that should serve as a fine English-language introduction to his work.

In the coming year, we expect to bring you novellas by Jack Dann, Lucius Shepard, Ian Watson, and Kate Wilhelm (accompanied by cover illustrations by the likes of Michael Garland, Ron Walotsky, and Barclay Shaw). We've got shorter works on tap from Amy Sterling Casil, Nancy Etchemendy, Stephen Gallagher, Harvey Jacobs, and Robert Sheckley. We've got knockout stories from several new writers. We've got material that will stretch your mind and expand your imagination. We hope you'll enjoy it all.

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