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February 2001
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Coming Attractions

It has been more than a decade since F&SF brought you a single-author special issue. It's with delight that we announce their return next month with a special tribute to Lucius Shepard.

Mr. Shepard's lyrical, exotic, often hallucinatory stories have graced our pages many times since "Solitario's Eyes" first appeared here in 1983. Next month's feature is a prime example of Mr. Shepard's prowess, a vivid story of contemporary Russia set in a strange club called Eternity. "Eternity and Afterward" will stay with you.

To accompany the story we'll have an appreciation of Lucius Shepard by Katherine Dunn, a bibliography, and a film column from Mr. Shepard that asks what's the deal with the Devil. A lovely cover by Barclay Shaw completes the package.

In the months that follow, we can look forward to new stories by Ian Watson, Geoff Ryman, Jack Dann, Robert Sheckley, Richard Bowes, and many more works of curious and rare delight. Stay tuned, stay tuned, you won't be disappointed.

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