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March 2001
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Coming Attractions

According to our schedule, the April 2001 issue will lead off "Have Not Have." This story takes a look at one of China's more remote regions as it appears just before the entire world gains the capacity to go online . . . through the air. The story comes to us from British writer Geoff Ryman, and it's a good one.

Also slated for next month is Nancy Etchemendy's "Demolition," a dark fantasy that might not be the best story to share with anyone who has recently had their house remodeled---but it's great reading for anyone who considers an examined life to be worth living.

Next month also promises to bring a new science column (reports of its death were somewhat exaggerated), along with our usual film and book reviews. Our forecast also includes new stories from names familiar and new, such as Richard Bowes, Michael Cadnum, Albert E. Cowdrey, July Lewis, John Morressy, Carrie Richerson, Robert Sheckley, and Allen Steele. Make sure your subscription is current so you won't miss any of the goodies.

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