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April 2001
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Coming Attractions

Our cover story for the May issue comes to us from the prolific Paul Di Filippo, who has a knack for keeping in tune with the times. His latest story, "Doing the Unstuck," draws its inspiration from the music of The Cure. You don't need to have heard of this group to appreciate Mr. Di Filippo's unusual invasion story, but those of you who know Robert Smith's work will particularly enjoy this one.

Also on the docket for next month is a new tale from Richard Bowes, "The Ferryman's Wife." Mr. Bowes is best-known around these parts for his Kevin Grierson stories, but since he finished them up, he has been turning his talents to tales of time rangers. "The Ferryman's Wife" is the first such story we get to bring to you, a compelling picture of life in the suburbs in the 1950s . . . but with a few twists in the fabric of time.

The list of other stories making their way to you in the coming months looks good: a new novelet by Maureen F. McHugh, Allen Steele and His Super-Fantastic Parody, John Morressy's latest Kedrigern caper, novellas by Kate Wilhelm and Ian Watson, and works from new writers like Laird Barron, Charles Coleman Finlay, and Benjamin Rosenbaum. Expect the unexpected, the fantastic, and perhaps even the sublime.

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