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July 2001
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Coming Attractions

In August of 2001 we will take you back to the early 1970s, to a time when a writer of exceptional talent had a moment of startling clarity. Paul J. McAuley brings us there in a tale of alternate history; "The Two Dicks," as you will see next month, is nothing short of ingenious.

Also slated for August is a horror story set in the northern reaches of the United Kingdom. To say too much about "On Skua Island" would be a mistake, but rest assured that John Langan's first appearance in our pages will be haunting.

In September, we'll bring you our second special issue of the year. This one is devoted to Kate Wilhelm, featuring a wonderful new novella from a master of the form.

Our October issue also promises to be a good one. We expect to have a lovely new fantasy novelet by Poul Anderson along with a science fiction adventure by Ian Watson and perhaps a Mathesonian fantasy (or is it Beaumontian?) by Jack O'Connell as well. Be sure to subscribe so you won't miss any of these goodies.

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