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August 2001
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Coming Attractions

We went more than ten years without bringing you one of our special issues dedicated to a single author. Now, a mere six months after our last one, we have another scheduled for September. (Some years are like that.)

Our celebration of Kate Wilhelm next month is long overdue. The issue comes almost exactly forty years after she made her first sale to F&SF and it features a wonderful new novella, "Yesterday's Tomorrows." Chronicling a young scientist who inherits an old house in the San Francisco environs, this story---like so many tales Ms. Wilhelm has given us---makes for lovely reading. The issue will also feature a cover by Richard Wilhelm and a secret-revealing appreciation of Ms. Wilhelm by her book editor for most of the 1990s (his initials are GVG).

Our October double issue is shaping up like a real Halloween treat. In addition to a new fantasy novelet by Poul Anderson and a science fiction novella by Ian Watson, we've got two dark fantasies on tap: an unsettling duffer's tale by Ray Bradbury and a clever, macabre short-short by Neil Gaiman. It all makes for wonderful reading---be sure to subscribe so you won't miss any of these upcoming issues.

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