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January 2002
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Coming Attractions

Tales of men and gods, or maidens and chickens, of ghosts and scholars, of heroes and zombies: the months ahead promise a very diverse group of stories.

Our cover story for February is "The Man on the Persian Carpet" by Kate Wilhelm, a story about love and time-travel, among other things.

Graham Joyce will make his F&SF debut in February with "Black Dust," a look at the hard lives of British coal miners.

We also expect to travel back to the Silurian Age with Steven Utley in "Foodstuff" next month.

Among the other tour guides we'll soon be joining are Dale Bailey, Albert E. Cowdrey (who will bring us back to the world of "Mosh"), M. Rickert, Jack Williamson, and Maureen F. McHugh. Coming soon, we've got stories set yesterday, today, and the day after tomorrow. Give a friend a gift subscription and they'll remember you throughout the year.

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