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February 2002
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Coming Attractions

Our March issue will feature a new story by Maureen F. McHugh, who seems to be writing more novels than short stories lately. In "Presence," she brings us into the near future with a poignant look at a possible cure for Alzheimer's disease.

Also on tap for next month is "Coelacanths," our latest story from Robert Reed. This one considers the future of the species, with results that are unpredictable and very provocative.

Some of the other goodies we plan to bring you in the coming months include Charles Coleman Finlay's spacebound adventure "The Political Officer," Paul Di Filippo's account of "The Short, Ashy Life of Hiram P. Dottle," a new story of Dazzle the dog from Scott Bradfield, a metaphysical baseball story by Gardner Dozois, and tales from Carol Emshwiller, Alex Irvine, David Prill, and Don Webb, to name names. Subscribe early and often.

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