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March 2002
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Coming Attractions

Would it be improper to suggest that we've forgotten what will grace our cover next month? Then let's come clean: as we go to press, it's uncertain which wonderful story will be our April cover's inspiration.

It might be "Leda," a delicious modern reinterpretation of the Greek myth, compliments of M. Rickert.

Or it might be "The Political Officer," a story of intrigue and adventure in deep space, brought to us by new writer Charles Coleman Finlay.

What we can promise you is that we'll have a new story next month from Gardner Dozois. In "The Hanging Curve," Mr. Dozois takes us out to the ball game for nine innings of entertainment. Don't miss this one.

We'll also have our regular features, including Robert Killheffer reviewing the best sf of the year, and new tales soon from Richard Bowes, Jerry Oltion, Alex Irvine, and Paul Di Filippo. If you don't subscribe already, use the handy reply card in this issue to make sure you won't miss any of the upcoming issues.

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