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May 2002
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Coming Attractions

Yes, we promised to bring you M. Rickert's "Leda" this month, but there were so-called "technical difficulties." Some joker took the cover painting for the story and hung it in the Met before we could make a copy of it to use on the cover. Sorry 'bout that. Soon as we can distract the guards, we'll bring you the story---it's well worth waiting for.

Speaking of stories worth waiting for . . .

Those of you who remember Dazzle the dog from Scott Bradfield's past stories will be happy to see him returning, although the grouchy mutt might not be too pleased himself, especially when he finds out what's in store in "Dazzle's Inferno." (Dazzle would rather sit this one out and wait for "Dazzle's Paradise," but don't worry, he'll show up.)

We also have a wonderful time-travel romance coming soon from a writer new to our pages. Ron Wolfe takes us on a terrific emotional rollercoaster ride in "Our Friend Electricity."

Next month we'll also be offering a chance for one reader to win a lifetime subscription---be sure to read the June editorial for details.

Let's repeat that: read next month's editorial for a chance to win a lifetime subscription to F&SF. And read next month's stories to stretch your imagination.

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