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July 2002
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Coming Attractions

That cover painting for M. Rickert's "Leda" has indeed been rescued from the museum where it hung . . . but then it was shipped by The Nairobi Trio courier service and, well, suffice it to say it's on the way.

Also on the way are:

"Mr. Gaunt," a delicious dark fantasy by John Langan, author of "On Skua Island."

"The Synchronous Swimmer," Harvey Jacobs's offbeat look at the wide worlds of sports.

"Bronte's Egg," a novella concerning the loveable saurs first encountered in Richard Chwedyk's "The Measure of All Things."

And fancies and wonders from the likes of Robert Reed, Jack Cady, Bruce Sterling, and Ron Goulart.

The October double issue is only three months away. In addition to a new story by Damon Knight, it looks as though we'll have a short piece by Ursula K. Le Guin to present to you.

Speaking of coming attractions, there's still time to fill out our reader survey and let us know what you'd like to see in the future---go to and follow the link there. One lucky person will win a lifetime subscription for filling out the survey; everyone else should take advantage of our current rates before postal increases force them up.

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