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August 2002
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Coming Attractions

It looks as though the cover story for our September issue will be "The Majesty of Angels," a new story by Robert Reed that's best described as "cosmic." It looks as though this story will get two cover illustrations---pick up next month's issue to see for yourself.

We also expect to include John Langan's homage to Henry James, "Mr. Gaunt," as remarkable a tale from the dark side as we've seen in some time. Other stories coming soon include a new Kedrigern story by John Morressy, Esther Friesner's tale of a phi beta kappa, and a new novelet by Tanith Lee.

For our October/November annual double issue, we plan to bring you Lucius Shepard's latest venture into Latin America, a lush fantasy by the title of "The Drive-In Puerto Rico."

Our cover price is due to increase soon, so now's a good time to subscribe and insure that you won't miss any of the coming issues.

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