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September 2002
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Coming Attractions

Next month we'll celebrate our 53rd anniversary in the usual style---with a double issue packed with great stories. We don't yet have the final lineup for the issue, but here are some of the goodies we have in store for you:

* "Watching Matthew," a poignant tale from Damon Knight

* "Social Dreaming of the Frin," a short, thoughtful piece by Ursula Le Guin

* "The Drive-In Puerto Rico," Lucius Shepard's latest Latin American adventure

Other likely suspects include Tanith Lee, Ron Goulart, Jeffrey Ford, and Terry Bisson, plus columns by Charles de Lint, Gregory Benford, Paul Di Filippo, and more. And looking ahead, we've got new stories in the works by Ray Aldridge, Jerry Oltion, Kit Reed, and Jack O'Connell, among many others. Subscribe now and guarantee yourself another year's worth of great reading.

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