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December 2002
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Coming Attractions

Next month we hope to have the results of our reader survey to share with you. Preliminary investigations of the survey suggest that readers of this magazine are a sharp bunch who like to read stretch their imaginations (no great shock there).

To aid you in that cause, we've got stories lined up like these two:

* "Anomalous Structures of My Dreams" by M. Shayne Bell, in which a very strange ailment causes alarm in Salt Lake City.

* "The Birds of Isla Mujeres" by Steven Popkes, a dreamlike vision of the Caribbean and an unusual man found there.

Our reader survey results suggest that F&SF readers enjoy discovering new writers, so keep your eyes open for Jeremy Minton, Al Michaud, and Aaron Reed, all of whom are set to debut here alongside veteran writers like M. Rickert, Alex Irvine, and James L. Cambias . . . and while we're bandying about names, perhaps these upcoming contributors will ring a bell with you also: Joyce Carol Oates, Robert Reed, Ursula Le Guin, and Jack Cady. The year 2003 looks to be a good one. Check out our Website at for the latest info and for the easiest way to subscribe.

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