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January 2003
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Coming Attractions

Don't believe the rumors. It is indeed true that we have stories coming soon from Kit Reed, Joyce Carol Oates, James Sallis, Jack O'Connell, and Jack Cady. However, there is no truth to the claim that we plan to publish an special "All Mainstream Stories" issue.

Indeed, next month's will deliver plenty of the thrills and chills for which we all turn to fantastic fiction. For example: "Old Virginia" by Laird Barron presents us with an aging intelligence officer assigned to oversee Project Tallhat, a job that seems like nothing more than an overpaid babysitting job . . . but of course little is as it seems in this story.

We've also got "The Bone Witch" scheduled for next month, R. Garcia y Robertson's latest Markovy tale. This story includes some old-fashioned swashbuckling adventure, romantic first kisses, exotic lands, and oh yes, a protagonist who has mastered a spell of invisibility. Only the very greedy could ask for more from any one story.

Look for plenty of other great yarns in the months ahead, including fantasy, horror, science fiction, and some stories that just can't be classified . . . except as good reading. Subscribe now to make sure you won't miss any of the goodies in the months to come.

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