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March 2003
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Coming Attractions

Huckleberry Finn and Heart of Darkness are two classic stories with rivers running through them. Next month's cover story also features a river through the heart of it . . but that's about where the similarities end. Gary Shockley's Mr. Shockley's imagination runs riot in "The Lightning Bug Wars," which presents us with a man on a raft and his very strange and haunting trip.

Speaking of haunting, we also expect to bring you "The Haunting" next month, a new story by Joyce Carol Oates. This short piece concerns a young girl, her older brother, and the basement of their new house . . . and perhaps a secret or two.

We've also got new stories waiting in the wings by writers whose names you might not know (Alan Michaud, for instance, and Bret Bertholf for another) but whose work you won't forget. And then there are stories by writers with more familiar names: Robert Sheckley, Adam-Troy Castro, Jack Cady, John Kessel. There might even be a special issue in the works. Subscribe now and you'll be sure to get all the goods.

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