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April 2003
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Coming Attractions

Next month's issue should be an interesting one. Here's some of what's on tap:

"Basement Magic" by Ellen Klages, a lovely tale from the 1960s about a young girl, a wicked stepmother, and a cleaning lady.

"The Incredible Steam Man" by Ron Goulart, concerning Harry Challenger's latest adventure in London.

"The Refuge Elsewhere" by Robert Sheckley, an adventure concerning a man in the US Witness Protection plan and the unpredictable events that befall him.

We'll also have book reviews by Charles de Lint and James Sallis, Kathi Maio on The Two Towers, and perhaps a story from the likes of Bruce Jay Friedman, Arthur Porges, and Kit Reed. Be sure to keep your subscription up to date so you won't miss any of this year's surprises.

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