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May 2003
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Coming Attractions

In the overcommercialized world of mass entertainment, we here at F&SF can relate to the robot on this month's cover, guarding the beach although no swimmers remain. Fortunately those voices we hear, the ones crying out for more writers of singular vision, aren't hallucinations (unlike those that haunt the robot).

Next month we plan to celebrate a writer of singular vision and powerful voice, an artist whose stories and nonfiction have graced our pages more than a dozen times since 1969. A dozen? Barry N. Malzberg has contributed more than seven dozen stories and columns over the years, and next month he'll add to that number with a terrific new essay on the joys and angst of working in the fee-reading department of the Scott Meredith Literary Agency. We'll also have two classic reprints from Mr. Malzberg, contributions from John Kessel and Daniel P. Dern, a clever cover by Walter Velez, and much more. This issue looks to be a good one---don't miss it.

In months ahead, we've got a new "Marionettes" novella by Adam-Troy Castro for you, along with smart buses, unusual aeroplanes, angry dragons, and a very heavy canary. The oddities are contributed by the likes of Jerry Oltion, Pat Murphy, Jack Cady, Terry Bisson, and you'll be seeing some new names in our pages soon. If you don't subscribe already, be sure to send in a card or subscribe online at to make sure that you don't miss any of these goodies.

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