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June 2003
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Coming Attractions

OUR LEAD STORY in the July issue will take us to the planet Vlhan, where the native form of life, the Vlhani (also known as Buggies, Whipdancers, Spiders, or Marionettes), perform an annual ritual dance in which thousands die. Humans have started to participate in the dance, as you might recall if you read Adam-Troy Castro's first tale about these aliens a few years ago. In "The Tangled Strings of the Marionettes" we'll accompany a journalist in search of answers to the mysteries surrounding the dance.

Also on the docket for next month is "Wild Thing" by Charles Coleman Finlay, a new look at the Matter of Britain from a different perspective. And we'll have more of our usual columns, including Robert Killheffer's adventures in the world of Print on Demand publishing and perhaps some plumage from Pegasus.

In the months ahead we'll have more great fiction, including a journey to Mars compliments of Alex Irvine, a fantasy adventure by Pat Murphy, and Terry Bisson's new novelet "Almost Home," as well as stories by Gene Wolfe, Jerry Oltion, Joe Haldeman, and lots more. Keep that subscription up to date to make certain you won't miss any of the goodies in store.

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