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August 2003
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Coming Attractions

We like to mix things up around here. This month's issue featured more F than SF. Next month we've got several science fiction stories lined up.

Alex Irvine depicts gives us a vision of the first Mars expedition as it's apt to occur in this century---as a media event.

Richard Paul Russo's "Tropical Nights at the Natatorium" presents a dark and moody tale of the future.

Newcomer Bret Bertholf's debut story, "Winterset, Iowa," extends Alfred Bester's literary legacy into this young century.

Lest you fantasy fans feel left out next month, we'll also promise you Esther Friesner's latest comic gem, a show biz story with lots of the ol' razzle-dazzle, "I Killed Them in Vegas."

With this issue in the near future and the annual October/November double issue right on its heels, now's a great time to subscribe. Check out our Website at or use the reply card in this issue---you won't be disappointed!

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