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September 2003
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Coming Attractions

NEXT MONTH WE'RE GOING TO CELEBRATE our fifty-fourth anniversary and we're happy to tell you that a lot of familiar names will be on hand:

After too long an absence, Joe Haldeman returns to F&SF with four short novels—let no one say you're not getting your money's worth from our magazine when we can provide you with four novels in less than ten pages!

Terry Bisson provides the cover story with "Almost Home," a vintage fantasy about airplanes and friendship.

Gene Wolfe's latest story, "Hunter Lake," is an uncanny and unsettling tale that's hard to forget.

We also expect to bring you a new science column by Pat Murphy and Paul Doherty, Lucius Shepard's thoughts on The Matrix, and stories by Jerry Oltion, Fred Chappell, Dale Bailey, and Robert Reed.

When we return with our December issue, we'll have Michael Reaves's first new story for us in several decades, as well as M. Rickert's latest fantasy and probably R. Garcia y Robertson's new Markovy story. Other goodies awaiting us include stories by Charles Coleman Finlay, Nancy Etchemendy, Michael Shea, and Chet Williamson. Subscribe now so you won't miss an issue!

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