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October/November 2006
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Coming Attractions

OUR DECEMBER ISSUE will mark the return of a writer who hasn't graced our pages in almost two decades. In "The Legend of the Midnight Cruiser," Michael Reaves returns with a story of the American dream...or is it the American nightmare?

We'll also have a new Markovy novella by R. Garcia y Robertson on hand next month. "Killer of Children" has a forbidding title, but the tale itself is a joy to read.

And M. Rickert will help usher in the holiday season with "Peace on Suburbia," a gentle fantasy to read as the nights grow longer.

In 2004 we'll see new stories by Michael Shea, Nancy Etchemendy, Albert Cowdrey, and Charles Coleman Finlay, along with several less-familiar names. Subscribe now to make sure you're all set for another year's worth of great reading.

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