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January 2004
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Coming Attractions

SAY THE WORD "prehistoric" and most people think first of dinosaurs or Neanderthals (naturally enough). But for several years now, Steven Utley has been spinning well-crafted tales of the Silurian Age to show us that trilobites and cephalopods have charm of their own, as do the people who research them. Next month we'll bring you a new one, "Invisible Kingdoms," a story of how the near future and the distant past collide. Don't miss this story.

The February issue will also include a new novelet by Robert Reed, "River of the Queen." This one's a far-future adventure of the most imaginative sort, a sequel to "The Remoras" if you remember that one.

The coming months will see a variety of different sorts of stories, ranging from near-future social extrapolation to hearthside fantasies, Gothic adventures and tales of asteroids, not to mention stories that are just plain hard to classify. We've got contributions in hand by writers both familiar and new, including Robert Sheckley, Jim Young, M. Rickert, Alex Irvine, and a newcomer named Ysabeau S. Wilce. The best way to make sure you read all of these stories is to subscribe now—either mail in the reply card or go online to and lock in a year's worth of great reading.

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