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February 2004
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Coming Attractions

IS IT ANY WONDER that much of the best science fiction comes out of the great state of California? The vastly varied terrain of the state, from beaches to mountains, and the otherworldly nature of the place help create an environment conducive to otherworldly speculations. And then there's the fact that an actor famous for playing Conan and the Terminator is now governing the state. Next month we'll see an engaging look at California politics, corporate greed, and the human effects of scientific research in "Ultraviolet Night" by Jim Young. Don't miss this one.

Also on the docket for March is "A Peaceable Man," another story (like Paolo Bacigalupi's tale in this issue) that explores the relationships between men and dogs. Maybe there's something in the air? Or maybe it's the DVD reissue of the movie A Boy and His Dog that has sparked this pack of dog stories? Whatever the cause, we're lucky to reap the benefits.

Lest you think this place has gone to the dogs completely, we also promise you several upcoming stories with aliens in 'em, including contributions from James L. Cambias and Ray Vukcevich. And look for new stories soon by David Gerrold, Matthew Hughes, Peter S. Beagle, and many more. Use the reply card in this issue or log onto to subscribe and make sure you don't miss any of the good stuff to come.

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