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May 2004
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Coming Attractions

NEXT MONTH WE'LL feature a new story by Joe Haldeman. In "Faces," he takes us to La-la Land, but for once we don't mean Hollywood. No, this La-la Land refers to a planet with some strange alien landscaping to show off. This story's classic science fiction.

On the fantasy side of the coin, we'll be venturing "After the Gaud Chrysalis" in Charles Coleman Finlay's new heroic fantasy tale. This one follows Kuiken and Vertir (we met them last March) on a rousing journey in the company of...a nun?!?

We also hope to bring you a new story by Matthew Hughes next month, along with an uncanny tale by Kit Reed and much more.

Our July issue looks to be a special theme issue. We'll say more next month; for right now, let it suffice to say that we've got stories lined up by R. Garcia y Robertson, Esther M. Friesner, and James Stoddard that are as appealing as fresh-baked apple pie.

We'll also have our usual reviewers and columnists on hand, and in months to come we'll bring you new stories by A. A. Attanasio, Dale Bailey, and Richard Chwedyk, and Bradley Denton (just to cover the A's through D's). Subscribe now to make sure you'll get all the goodies, from A to Z.

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