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June 2004
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Coming Attractions

STRIKE UP THE BAND! Next month we salute the U. S. of A. with a special All-American issue!

Leading the fireworks will be R. Garcia y Robertson, who sets off a wild yarn about Civil War submarines in "Stuck Inside of Mobile." You won't have the blues after reading this romp.

James Stoddard also gives us a rousing war story in "The Battle of York," although his tongue might just possibly be in his cheek as he reinterprets American history. As surely as George cannot tell a lie, we tell you that you'll get a kick out of this one.

Tall tales have long been a way of celebrating American history and lore, and Esther Friesner knows it well. In "Johnny Beansprout," she puts her own distinctive spin on one of America's beloved myths.

We also expect to have an epic from John Morressy next month, along with contributions by Paul Di Filippo, George Guthridge, and Daryl Gregory. Whether you think the United States are still a loose group of unruly colonies or the world's leading nation (or anywhere in between), you're sure to find this issue interesting.

P.S. The rockets' red glare provides adequate light to read by.

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