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July 2004
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Coming Attractions

NEXT MONTH'S LEAD STORY is a whopper, an old-fashioned science fiction mystery set on a planet by the name of Bela. Colonel Robert Kohn pays a visit to the planet to investigate a series of inexplicable murders, and what he finds there...well, to say that it's more than he bargained for is like saying you can drown in deep water. How far in over his head is he? Look to Albert Cowdrey for the answers next month.

Back here on Earth, Benjamin Rosenbaum will give us a look at the future of our youth-obsessed culture in "Starting the Clock" next issue.

We also have stories coming soon from Bradley Denton, Alex Irvine, and Robert Reed, among those ubiquitous others. And our annual October/November double issue isn't far away—we expect to have top-notch contributions from Richard Chwedyk, M. Rickert, and Gene Wolfe for that issue. Subscribe now to make certain that you won't miss any of the goodies forthcoming.

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