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September 2004
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Coming Attractions

EVEN AT THIS LATE DATE, the final contents of our fifty-fifth anniversary edition are not finalized, but we can promise you the stars will shine brightly on our double issue.

Among the stories slated to run next month, we'll have "In Tibor's Cardboard Castle" by Richard Chwedyk. The title alone is enough to tip off fans of his two previous stories ("Bronte's Egg" and "The Measure of All Things") that this novelet is also about Axel, Agnes, Doc, and the other charming saurs who blur the line between technology and nature. Several other lines are blurred or crossed in this new story, including the borders of reality.

Also in next month's lineup is "Finding Beauty," a new fantasy from Lisa Goldstein about hard times in the kingdom and the fate of Prince Charming. For more contemporary fantasies, we'll turn to M. Rickert and Gene Wolfe for the finest in modern fantasy fiction.

And the rest? Will we have a new Robert Reed story? How about Dale Bailey's vision of the end of the world? Or a new story by Michael Bishop? Perhaps a new fantasy by John Morressy? We can't say just yet, but we can assure you that there are good times—and great stories—ahead. If you don't subscribe already, use the mailing card in this issue or go to and subscribe now to make sure you'll get it all.

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