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October/November 2004
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Coming Attractions

The calendar says that 2004 is the year of the monkey, but around here, it sure looks like the year of the dog. Paolo Bacigalupi found one in the ruins of the future, Alex Irvine solved a mystery thanks to a ghost borzoi, Bradley Denton took us inside the mind of an enlisted labradoodle, and next month we'll meet the smartest of 'em all, an Afghan hound who's determined to sniff out "The Bad Hamburger" in the story of the same name by Matthew Jarpe and Jonathan Andrew Sheen.

We've also been saving for you a little holiday present—'tis the season, and all that. This year's gift comes to you from Michael Libling, whose "Christmas in the Catskills" might just make you check all the locks on the doors twice.

The other holiday gifts aren't all wrapped just yet, but we do expect to have the results from our latest contest next month, and soon we'll be bringing you new stories by Paul Di Filippo, Elizabeth Hand, Bruce Sterling, and Matthew Hughes. If you want to share the joy this season, remember that a subscription to F&SF is a great gift for the holidays that will be enjoyed throughout the year.

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