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January 2005
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Coming Attractions

NEXT MONTH WE'LL BRING YOU an unusual tale of riding the rails, courtesy of Richard Mueller. In "Dutch," he spins out a heartfelt story full of wisdom and experience. Don't miss this one.

It looks like our February issue will also bring us a new tale of Markovy, courtesy of R. Garcia y Robertson. In "Queen of the Balts," you'll meet Princess Annya, a character as strong and vivacious as any you're likely to meet between here and Estonia.

Our regular film reviewers had scheduling conflicts this time around, so we've asked David J. Skal to fill in—we should have his take on Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow in addition to our regular book columns.

And in our inventory, we've also got new stories by familiar names like Goulart, Di Filippo, Finlay, and Rickert, as well as some names you might not recognize, such as Hobson and O'Keefe. Subscribe now to make sure you'll get it all.

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