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February 2005
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Coming Attractions

THOMAS M. DISCH graces our pages next month with a short and elegant piece from the northern border of the United States, "The Wall of America." (Minnesotans, please note: that's not "The Mall of America," but we do expect you to flock to this one when we open the doors.)

Also on the schedule for March is Carol Emshwiller's latest story, "I Live with You," a deceptively simple story of fairly ordinary people facing slightly extraordinary events.

Fans of adventure fiction can look forward to a new tale next month by Charles Coleman Finlay. In "Love and the Wayward Troll," Mr. Finlay returns to the life of the would-be troll named Maggot and regales us with more of his escapades.

Other delights scheduled for the months ahead include Ron Goulart's new account of Harry Challenge's latest predicament, M. Rickert's new story from the dark side, a haunted house or two, and lots more. Surf over to to subscribe or use the business reply card in this issue and make sure you won't miss a thing.

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