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April 2005
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Coming Attractions

SEVEN HUNDRED AND FIVE years ago, Dante tells us, he was lost in the wood of Error when he met the spirit of Vergil and then descended into Hell. Next month, Laird Barron takes us on a similar journey in "The Imago Sequence," a powerful and compelling story of the dark side of the fine arts world.

On the lighter side, K. D. Wentworth returns to our pages with "Born-Again," a funny story about today's youth. Two thousand years ago, did old fogeys shake their heads and mutter "Kids today"?

Other stories in the works include a pointed look at the near future by Robert Thurston, Steven Popkes's "The Great Caruso," new adventure stories by Charles Coleman Finlay and John Morressy, yet another Henghis Hapthorn tale from Matt Hughes for all you insatiable fans, and new work from Steven Utley, Bruce McAllister, Marc Laidlaw, and David Gerrold. Subscribe now so you can be sure you won't miss any of the goodies!

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