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May 2005
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Coming Attractions

NEXT MONTH we'll see the return of the foremost freelance discriminator of the city of Olkney in the penultimate age of Old Earth. Yes, Henghis Hapthorn returns, in what might be his most involving tale yet, that of "The Gist Hunter."

Also returning next month are Charles Coleman Finlay's adventuring duo of Kuikin and Vertir, last seen in "After the Gaud Chrysalis." They'll have to contend with a variety of foes next month, the fiercest of which is perhaps the imp. Or perhaps they have more to fear from their new friends.

We've got plenty more stories lined up for the months ahead, including new tales by David Gerrold, Bruce McAllister, Mary Rosenblum, and a new Peter S. Beagle novella a few months down the road. You can subscribe now at and you'll be sure to get your money's worth in great reading this year.

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