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August 2005
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Coming Attractions

EVEN AT THIS LATE DATE, our next issue is uncertain, but we believe that when you take the lid off the September issue you'll find David Gerrold's "A Quantum Bit Exists in Two States" inside. Whether or not this particular cat is still purring when you look in on it remains to be seen.

Other stories likely to appear in the box next month include Richard Mueller's alternate history, "Age of Miracles," and a more contemporary tale by Sydney J. Van Scyoc. We'll also have Paul Doherty and Pat Murphy's new science column on Titan and a book column by Robert Killheffer that might stir up a bit of controversy.

Looking ahead, our fifty-sixth anniversary issue promises to be a good one. Headlining the issue is Peter S. Beagle's return to the world of The Last Unicorn. "Two Hearts" is a remarkable story about a young girl in a town being terrorized by a griffin. If you only read one story this aren't reading F&SF regularly. (And why not?)

The lineup for our October/November issue isn't complete yet, but it's likely we'll have new stories in it by Dale Bailey, Gardner Dozois, Esther M. Friesner, Joe Haldeman, Elizabeth Hand, and Bruce Sterling. Subscribe now and make sure you won't miss this issue!

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