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September 2005
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Coming Attractions

WELL, WE WARNED YOU last month that the lineup for this issue wasn't certain (we thank the quantum uncertainty of David Gerrold's stories for that). So please don't flood us with letters asking what happened to the science column on Titan that we promised. It'll be in next month's issue.

Accompanying it will be lots of good fiction to celebrate our fifty-sixth anniversary. Our cover story is Peter Beagle's fabulous return to the world of The Last Unicorn, "Two Hearts." We'll also have a new story by Elizabeth Hand, a glimpse into the future entitled "Echo." Joe Haldeman will also be on hand with a Kuttner-esque story of today and tomorrow entitled "Foreclosure." And Terry Pratchett will make his first appearance in our pages with a bit of verse.

In the months ahead (either next month, or soon after), we'll have terrific stories from Dale Bailey, Paolo Bacigalupi, Terry Bisson, Gardner Dozois, Jeffrey Ford, Geoff Ryman, and Gene Wolfe; the stories range from kids' formic fantasies to complex portraits of the future, from pirate yarns to descents into the underworld. Expect the unexpected—you won't be disappointed! Subscribe now to make sure you won't miss any of it!

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