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October/November 2005
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Coming Attractions

HIGH AND LOW, through lands that never were and lands that may yet be, we've been searching for the best new stories to bring you. We think you'll like what we've found.

In our December issue, Geoff Ryman presents us with a fantasy story inspired by his travels in Asia. "The Last Ten Years in the Life of Hero Kai" is a tale of magic, warfare, and loyalty that differs significantly from the Western fantasy stories we usually publish. We think you'll love it.

Robert Reed's "Less Than Nothing" is also scheduled for our next issue. This one picks up the tale of "Raven," the Native American boy whose story has been growing more complex over the last few years. His new tale brings him into closer contact with the people outside his small community.

We've also got stories by Gardner Dozois and Sydney J. Van Scyoc slated for December. And in 2006, our forecasters predict we'll have new stories raining down on us from Albert Cowdrey, Alan Dean Foster, C. S. Friedman, David Gerrold, Claudia O'Keefe, M. Rickert, and several newcomers. Give a gift of F&SF and your friends will think kindly of you throughout the year.

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