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February 2006
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Coming Attractions

THE HEADLINE OF the Meatspace News might read: "Alex Irvine Story Graces March F&SF. Thousands Flee in Terror." But actually, Mr. Irvine's dark vision of virtual life isn't any reason to be scared. "Shambhala" is a terrific read. Pay no attention to what the nabobs of negativity are saying off in cyberspace.

We also expect to bring you "The Revivalist" next month, Albert Cowdrey's remarkable tale of a very Twentieth Century man with a very uncommon condition.

Other stories coming soon include a look inside the schoolhouse once humans and goblins agree to coeducation, a dark and timely vision of America after the plague breaks loose, a story of Zulu magic, and an account of a ghost returned from a watery grave. If you don't subscribe already, go to and order up a subscription now so you won't miss any of the joy throughout the year.

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