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March 2006
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Coming Attractions

NEXT MONTH we'll take you to southern Africa with a first-rate historical fantasy. In "iKlawa," newcomer Donald Mead takes us into the heart of Zulu territory to show how the tribes face the oncoming British threat with courage and with magic. Don't miss this one.

Also scheduled for April, we've got Daryl Gregory's "Gardening at Night," a thoughtful science fiction story about...hmm, how do you describe this one? It's about a team studying the evolution of artificially intelligent critters, but that doesn't really do the story justice. Just take our word for it: you'll like this one.

In the issues ahead, we'll also bring you new stories by Terry Bisson, Matthew Hughes, Claudia O'Keefe, M. Rickert, Steven Utley, and much more. Did we mention what a great belated gift F&SF is for that person you missed in your holiday shopping? Just use the reply card in this issue or log onto and give a gift that brings joy throughout the year.

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