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July 2006
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Coming Attractions

THIS MONTH'S COVER celebrates the recent discovery of water on one of the moons of Saturn. While we probably can't rival that news item, we hope you'll feel almost as excited about the stories coming in the months ahead.

Fantasy fans will be pleased to know that Imago Bone and Persimmon Gaunt will return next month. In Chris Willrich's "Penultima Thule," the poet and the thief travel to the end of the world—literally—to rid themselves of the cursed book.

We've also got a new story by Carolyn Ives Gilman scheduled for August. In "Okanoggan Falls," Ms. Gilman shows us a Midwestern town suffering under the rule of alien invaders—and how one housewife tries to alter the inevitable.

Looking ahead, we'll have an interesting experiment in the September issue: three writers try their hands at finishing the story that Harlan Ellison was unable to complete. Mr. Ellison was pleased by the results; we think you'll share his sentiment.

We've also got new stories in the works by Paolo Bacigalupi, Peter S. Beagle, Charles Coleman Finlay, Geoff Ryman, and others. Those of you who, like our editor, are grieving over the recent death of John Morressy can take heart in knowing that while he might be gone, his work lives on...including several new stories we'll be publishing in the months ahead. Subscribe now to make sure you won't miss any of these out-of-this-world delights!

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