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October/November 2006
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Coming Attractions

FOR THE DECEMBER ISSUE, our cover story is a new one by M. Rickert, whose "Journey into the Kingdom" was considered breathtaking by a good portion of our readership. In "The Christmas Witch," she takes us to New England, where a long local tradition of witchcraft has some very modern—and very horrific—results.

Fans of Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell will be glad to hear that we have a story by Susanna Clarke scheduled to run next month. In fact, it's a tale of the Raven King, but even if you haven't read Ms. Clarke's novel, you're apt to find "John Uskglass and the Cumbrian Charcoal Burner" a delightful read.

We also expect to see that intrepid explorer of the no÷sphere, Guth Bandar, return next month in a new adventure from the mind of Matthew Hughes. In "Bye the Rules," Bandar's rivalry with Didrick Gabbris attains new heights (or lows, depending on one's perspective).

Looking ahead, we've got lots of great stories in the works, including new ones by A. A. Attanasio, Fred Chappell, Ron Goulart, Marta Randall, and Bruce Sterling. Subscribe now and you'll reap the rewards throughout the year.

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