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May 2007
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Coming Attractions

SURE LÁZARO WAS BROKE, but he still wasn't interested in rolling drunks, not even rich belligerent Academy chilito drunks. Thus starts our June cover story, Marta Randall's "Lázaro y Antonio." In this evocative story, you'll get to explore The Curve, learn about Fibs, and meet two of the more memorable characters to cross our pages in a while. (Want to take a guess at their names?)

Alex Irvine also returns next month, this time with a high fantasy adventure. In "Wizard's Six," Paulus is hunting the apprentice Myros. What Myros has done, and what Paulus must do, makes for a potent and haunting tale.

Other stories coming soon include Charles Coleman Finlay's SF caper, "An Eye for an Eye," M. K. Hobson's look at the future of the boardroom, "PowerSuitTM," Sheila Finch's story about the origins of the Lingster guild, "First Was the Word," and new stories by Albert E. Cowdrey, Frederic S. Durbin, Esther M. Friesner, Sean McMullen, and James Stoddard. We've also got a new novella by Lucius Shepard coming soon. Do it by mail or do it online, but subscribe now so you won't miss a word of it!

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