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July 2007
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Coming Attractions

LET'S START WITH a coming distraction. Our friends at the post office will have increased their rates by the time this issue has printed, and that increase—along with recent increases in other printing and shipping costs—means that our current subscription rate is fated to rise soon.

In terms of attractions, how does this sound? A veteran investigator pays a visit to an orbital station where a monk has recently been murdered. That's the basic situation facing Robert R. Kohn in next month's cover story, "Murder in the Flying Vatican" by Albert E. Cowdrey. We think you'll like this one.

Also on tap next month is "At These Prices," a comic romp about an unusual hotel patron from none other than Esther M. Friesner.

Other coming attractions include another "Shadow" story by Fred Chappell, a vision of the end of the world (or is it?) by John Langan, and a fantasy by Sean McMullen that takes us back to the days after the Roman Empire fell. And many more.

Our annual anniversary issue is right around the corner and it's shaping up to be another good one. Subscribe now and make sure you'll get all these goodies.

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