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December 2007
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Coming Attractions

THOSE OF US with the power to see the future (it's easy once you know the trick) predict 2008 will bring good things. Such as:

"Mystery Hill," by Alex Irvine, a charming transdimensional tale of the Michigan backwoods, starring: one ornery owner of a tourist trap, one pretty, smart (mind that comma in there!) professor, some suspicious hooch, and a mini-golf course. This one's on tap for next month.

"Pride and Prometheus," by John Kessel, in which we learn that certain truths, while universally acknowledged, possibly go against natural laws. Indeed, it is a fantasy most interesting in which readers shall be invested, courtesy of dear Mr. Kessel.

"The Twilight Year," by Sean McMullen, which takes us to the British Isles during the last days of the Roman Empire, when strange things are in the air—including something that might possibly be magic....

Our inventory contains a wide variety of other stories, including new works by Terry Bisson, James L. Cambias, Albert E. Cowdrey, Ron Goulart, Michaela Roessner, and Kate Wilhelm. We have comedies and tragedies in store, visions of the future and ventures into the past, worlds that have not come to be and worlds that never were. Go to and give someone a subscription. They'll thank you all year long.

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